Please admin. I need your advice and that of your readers in this situation. We got married three weeks ago. Everything went on smoothly and we are so in love, except one thing. My wife has decided that Sundays and Thursdays are for the Lord so she will not allow us to be intimate. When we were dating, she was always very busy on those days so we never met to get intimate, but we made sure we met on Saturdays to have fun. The Sunday after our wedding, I woke her up with a lot of happiness for some intimate couple time together. My wife said she was fasting and she has dedicated these two days to God. We can do it on any other day but Sundays and Thursdays are out of bounds. Her reasons are that on Sundays, she goes to church and fasts and thursday is the day she was born and she does her fasting on those days.


I have always told myself I’ll marry a God-fearing woman. I thought such women were spiritual, mature and peaceful and would make very good wives. I was always happy and counted myself lucky that I had met one. She was always busy with church and she invited me to many programs and we attended together. We were in different churches though so on Sundays, we went our separate ways. After marriage, she has joined me in my church. I asked her if this is how it will be for the rest of our marriage. If her husband cannot touch her on those two days and she said it in a very obvious way that yes. Meanwhile, we have talked about all of these things and she promised that we won’t have issues in the bedroom. We went for counselling for months and the counselor stressed on how important it is for us to be getting intimate very often unless of cos for very good reasons. Apart from this problem, I don’t have any issues about my wife.


But it’s tough waking up and being in the mood and your wife won’t even allow you to do anything until the very next day. Last thursday, I was moody the whole day because of it and she didn’t even notice. I feel like it is too early to go back to the counsellors. I also don’t want them to think that I can’t keep peace in my home and I am already running to them after the slightest problem. If kids start coming into the equation, I should be able to keep peace in my home. Already at 28, my parents wanted me to wait small before marrying her, but we had dated for two years, We both have jobs which are okay to sustain us and we weren’t doing bad so I didn’t see the need to wait. Am I overreacting? Is my wife justified in what she is doing ? I feel like she has started controlling me. I am calm and reserved and she is two years older than me. I need advice on how to handle this.