Hmmm, so somewhere last year, I met this guy at a program and I fell for him. He is really good looking and the dbee type. I liked how humble and down to earth he was and he didn’t treat me like I was not his class. When he expressed his feelings for me, I told him I felt same. Then we started dating. The first time I went to his house, he had this big German Sheperd dog. I was so scared even though it was chained. He assured me that I was safe and there was nothing to worry about. Unfortunately for me, when I was returning home, the househelp had unchained the dog and I didn’t know. My boyfriend also didn’t know. He was going to escort me out of the house when the dog chased me and I fell down and the dog bit me. I did not get to the gate. The dog bit me in the compound of the house. My boyfriend was able to prevent the dog from hurting me more. But I felt a sharp pain around my ankle and I saw that I had been bitten by the dog.


Because of how the thing became, my parents and his parents got to know about it and his parents paid for my hospital treatment and I got better. His parents were not home when I was bitten but they were so nice to me. It was my parents who were being rude and hostile towards them. The guy said he still liked me and wanted us to date but my parents said I was too young to date at 23. They forced me to break up with him and I was so hurt. My parents kept saying that the dog biting me was a sign and it is good that I break up before anything worse happened to me. My boyfriend was sad but we went our separate ways. I always see his whatsapp status though and we chat as friends sometimes. These days he has started posting this nice girl and adding nice captions to the pictures. I get so jealous anytime he posts the pictures.


I messaged him and confessed to him that I still like him and I wish we could be together. He said he has moved on and I should also try and move on. I can’t stop loving him. How can I make him like me again?