Hello. I really want to appreciate everyone for taking time to comment and advice under the stories. So this also my story. I made a mistake on Val’s Day. I went out with some friends and I ended up on the bed with this guy I met at the outing. I don’t want to narrate how it all happened because I really regret my actions. We kept in touch after that though. I thought he will date me after what we did but he told me he wasn’t interested and both of us were just tipsy and high so we should consider it a mistake and move on. Then I got pregnant. I was single at that time and he was the only guy I had been with so there was no question who the father was. He denied it and told me I was a street girl and I do it with anyone who comes my way. I was really hurt by his words and he went on to block me and cut me off his life. With the help and support of friends, I carried this pregnancy.


My mother was surprisingly supportive and so all my fears of her rejecting me was gone. A friend of mine knew a very close friend of my baby’s father so he told me about it and I got to speak with the said friend of my baby daddy. He said his friend is not like that and that he is the responsible type who would never abandon his own flesh and blood. The friend told me he will speak to him to do a DNA test when I give birth so that he will accept the child if it is his own. I didn’t have any problem with that. My baby daddy didn’t unblock me even after continuous chats with his friend who was assuring me that he will talk to me soon. Instead of him talking to me, this friend became a middle man between the two of us. He never sent me a dime to take care of my antenatal and hospital visits.


I have given birth now. The friend of my baby daddy has told me that my baby daddy has a serious girlfriend. They have dated for many years and they will marry in January. He thought his friend will tell his fiance about me and the baby and he has been convincing him to do so but it was not happening so he decided to tell me the truth. I didn’t say anything. It’s not as if I wanted him to marry me but just that I want my son to know his father. I’m from a broken home. I didn’t know my father and it affected me in a lot of ways. This friend of my baby daddy has been of great help to me and he even gave me enough money to take care of myself and the baby. So a few weeks ago, I finally met my baby daddy and we went and did the DNA test.

His friend was also there to help. As expected, the baby is his. We all met again when the results were ready and looked through it. My baby daddy got angry and he said he won’t accept it and it is false. His friend started talking to him and he said the friend can marry me and add me to his wife since he has been there for me all these months. My mother said I should leave him and let him go and live his life, but I will not be like her. If I have to go to his wedding and spoil it, I’ll do it. Sometimes I wish his friend wasn’t married, I would have been with him. He has been so supportive. Please I don’t know what to do. I’m not in the state to take care of a baby on my own. Why should he be left to move on with his life when we both enjoyed ourselves on that Valentine night? Nature is not fair to us women 😭  Please advice me.