We’re both about to start our final year in the University. I’m in UCC, you’re in UG. We have dated since SHS and we had already made our plans of marrying soon. I even told you that the economy was hard so two kids should be enough for us to raise. Our only prayer was that it will be one male and one female so that we won’t keep trying for a particular gender. You and I have been excited about these plans. The first time I took you home, my mother told me you were beautiful and well-mannered and I should make sure I also act in a way that was worthy of you. My father died in 2020. That was before I brought you home for the first time. I wished at that time that he had met you. I was sure he would have liked you too. My three siblings had no issues with you. When you took me home for the first time, your strict father told me I should focus on my books and start chasing his daughter after school. He was the only one who objected to our love, but your mother was the exact opposite.


She welcomed me with happiness and she spoke to me in a very friendly way. Your only brother told me jokingly that I shouldn’t break his sister’s heart or else he will come for me. We were doing well for ourselves. We had opened a joint account and we committed to contribute ghc100 from each of us monthly to help us when it was time for our marriage. It was the susu we were doing to tie the knot. Because I am the man, I put in more money monthly than you did. Sometimes it was ghc500, other times ghc600. I would win a sports bet and send all the money to our account. An uncle from abroad would send me money and I’ll use little for myself and send the rest into the account. I also saw that for several months you weren’t adding any money, but I never asked you. It wasn’t necessary. I am the man and it was my duty to take care of the finances of our bond.


I noticed the first signs of deception and infidelity when I tried calling you around 8:00pm and your phone was always busy around that time. Meanwhile for the past years, we have always spoken on phone at 8. It was our time, so I started to suspect that you had replaced me with someone else, but I didn’t ask you anything. Our relationship couldn’t be perfect, It was not possible. The distance relationship was a strain for me, but I was determined to make it work because I sincerely loved you. My roommates and friends kept passing one discouraging comment here and there. “By this time somebro dey eat your woman gidigidi” I had one particular friend who told me that another man was eating from the fruit I was nurturing. That guy should be a prophet.

Maybe he didn’t need prophetic eyes to see what was plain. I was the one who was blinded by love so I couldn’t see what was so bare. One weekend, I left the Central Region for Legon because of you. I had exams coming up. I had a lot of notes and coursework to catch up on. I knew that my education was my future, but so was you. So I came all the way. The night before, I casually asked you if you would go home that Saturday. It was something you did sometimes. You told me you would stay on campus. I didn’t tell you I was planning to come to Legon that Saturday. I showed up and got to your room. I have been there on previous ocassions. Although that was the first time I was coming without your notice. When I knocked, your roommate told whoever it was to come in. None of you knew that it was your boyfriend from UCC. I didn’t expect that you’ll be sharing a bowl with a nice looking gentleman.


The banku and okro you were eating was almost finished and he had his left hand on your lap. You guys were chatting and giggling. When I entered your room, I saw how shock was written on your face and then you tried to act normal and introduce the other guy as your National Service teaching Assistant who had come to help you understand some topics. According to you, you were hungry after studying and so you guys got some food. I was hurt, I was jealous. I was angry with myself for not picking Legon forms so that I will be close to you. I blamed myself for everything you did to me, even though it was clear that I was too good for you. I accepted your story. I apologized to you when you got angry with me for coming to visit you impromptu. I returned like nothing had happened. That vac, your mother called me to your place.

She started telling me about how disappointed she was in me. You were there. You were staring at me. I had noticed you had gained weight but nothing else crossed my mind. You were pregnant and your mother thought I was the father. In fact, you didn’t deny it when she made that conclusion. You didn’t tell her that the last time we did it was over 6 months ago and I used protection. That was where I had had enough. I told your mother the truth. I told her you were cheating with me with your TA from school. I told her about my chats with your roommate and how she was struggling to sleep during the midnight because both of you were going at it with only a blanket covering you for privacy. You thought she was fast asleep so you moaned at the sweetness of his touch.

Afterwards your mum apologized to me and I went home. I needed to protect my reputation. You came to my house to ask me why I will betray you in that way. You thought I was going to sheepishly take responsibility for a child I did not father? What did you take me for? Our break up was painful, but I don’t regret it. The only thing I regret was trusting you and sharing 5 years of my life with you. I was only 16 and I thought I was mature enought to understand love. Now at 21, I’m not even sure I know what love is. I tried to withdraw the money in our joint account and give you half even though I knew you contributed only about 25 to 30%. I was told you had already withdrawn the 20k in the account. I will never leave that money for you. It is the only compensation I have gotten for all the pain you have cost me.

You changed your hostel. This vac, your parents said you had gone to stay with your Grandparents in Ho. They told me to wait for you to come home to discuss any money issue and they weren’t there when we created the account at 18. When you returned, you said you had used the money. You have hurt me badly. I am considering this. I haven’t told you, but I want to do rituals on you. I want you to feel some pain for causing my own pain. I know you will read this. I know you follow this page. I would have mentioned your name, but the admins will edit it out. Return my money or else you will never see any happiness in your life. I won’t say any more.