I have not met this kind of girl before. One who gets anxious and completely loses interest when you change position during intimacy. If a year and half of dating and getting intimate every week doesn’t change her, then I honestly don’t know what to do. She only likes missionary. If I’m not on top of her, she won’t get wet. Not only that; I also have to be staring at her throughout the act or else she won’t be wet enough for us to enjoy the act. When we started dating and I got to know about this, I thought she will snap out of it and try new things but I have been very wrong. One day, I told her to turn over for me to hit from behind and she started crying. She said she gets anxiety from that. When a man is behind her doing it and she can’t see his face and see how he is reacting during the act. Meanwhile, she has a very big backside and she has never allowed me the pleasure of hitting from behind in a doggy position.


We cannot also do it in the dark or if the room is not well-lit. She will lose interest and start complaining that she can’t see my face clearly and she is only turned on when she can see my face while I move up on down on top of her. She has never switched things up. It’s always missionary to the end. I am starting to get bored over it. I like spontaneity and adventure. We should try new things. We’re not old folks who can’t move our bodies. Both of us are in our mid 20s so I don’t know why she is acting this way. I have sat her down and tried to talk to her but she never opens up to me. According to her, this was why her ex left her and if I cannot accept her for who she is then I should also leave her for someone who will accept her to come.


Honestly, she is the perfect girl for me. She is just my type and her cooking is really good. My only problem is the bedroom thing. She does not want to give any reason why but I suspect something must have happened to her in her past to make her behave this way. I don’t know what it is exactly, but that is just how I feel like. Has anyone experienced something similar? A lady who only wants to be eaten in one position? Is it mental? Is it because of past abuse or trauma? I really need some advice on this. I feel like I am trying hard to keep the relationship.