Hi please I need some advice. I live in a single room with my single mother. I’m 19 years and money has been a problem for us. My mother always doesn’t have money. She is not working. She used to do indomie but she has stopped. She has used all the capital and profits. Now she just ‘taxes’ men for money. Everyone in the area knows her and I have seen some men even trying to dodge us when we are coming. She will just be flirting with them and ask for money. There’s this rich family at the end of our road. A certain married man and his family. He will be in his 40s and anytime he moves out in his car, he waves us and sometimes gives my mum Ghc50. My mum is trying to push me to the man because one time the man told me to take good care of myself and I am a nice girl.


I know the man did not mean it in a bad way, but my mum was there and she has been saying that men cannot resist a young girl like me and he can take care of us if I try and be his lover. The last time, my mum just passed a comment at the man that he should take me out. He just smiled and drove off without saying anything. I see it as he just being friendly and he doesn’t have such intentions. I like how he is though but he is married so I have told my mum to stop doing that to me. I also know his wife and I don’t want to do anything with a married man. My aunt has told me before that my father was a married man who got involved with my mum and then denied me. I don’t even know him. They claim he is dead but sometimes I don’t believe them. It looks like my mother has not learnt her lessons and now she is pushing me to do the same thing she did because she wants us to get money.


I have completed SHS but I haven’t learnt a trade or anything. The married man sent me a message recently. I know my mum gave him my number. He was talking to me and asking about my future plans. When I told him I needed help to further my education or learn a trade, he blocked me. Now when he is passing, he doesn’t wave us anymore. He doesn’t even roll his glasses down. My mother is not talking to me because of this issue. She said I have spoilt our chance. Please I need some advice. My mother is making me feel like I have done something wrong. I also do not know why the man has blocked me and doesn’t greet us again. I am so depressed over this. What should I do please?