Please hide my identity and keep me anonymous. I have been having this affair with my friend’s husband for the past two years. I used to visit them a lot and this man will be sending me money even when I never asked for it. The next thing, he was sending me pictures of his thing. Those things don’t move me like that. I was ignoring him, but eventually, I couldn’t resist his persuasion. I was also single at that time and he was so convincing. I was renting a single room in a family house and the house was full of people. As you know, anywhere with a lot of people will also breed gossips. Everyone was in everyone’s business. There was no privacy. If you try to be in your lane too they will treat you like you’re antisocial and snobbish. The first day he came to visit me at my place, he saw the situation and then just some weeks later, he rented a chamber and hall self contain for me. I was also the only one in the house.


For the past two years, he has furnished the room and taken care of me. I work at a bar as a waitress. The pay is not that much, but because of the weekly money he sends me, I don’t complain. I know in my heart that I don’t love him and I know paaa that it is wrong. Although his wife is not my best friend, we know each other well. Her late mum was friends with my mum and we are normal friends because of that. Anytime I visit too, I buy sweets for their three children so they like me a lot. For the past two years, this man has been lying to his wife all the time and coming to spend some time at my place. He even went as far as telling his wife about a work-related trip and getting his colleague friend to also lie on his behalf for him. He spent a whole week with me.


When I got pregnant the first time, I was surprised. My safe period calculation had never failed me before so it was a surprise to me. I have been with a lot of men in the past and safe period has always worked for me. I didn’t waste time at all. At 26, I was not ready to raise a baby. He gave me money and I went to remove it. This year, a certain frequent customer at the bar where I work started getting close to me and although we weren’t in a relationship, he invited me over to his house one Saturday to watch a movie and we ended up getting intimate and doing it for two rounds. After that, I thought we were dating and he will pursue me but he stopped chatting me. When he comes to the bar, he will talk to me normally like nothing happened. I also understood so I didn’t force it. As I’m speaking, I’m two months pregnant. The father of the child is the married man, but I want to give the child to the man who comes to the bar. I don’t want to terminate this one.

The first one I tried scared me a lot cos I bled for a long time and I thought I will die. I promised myself to never do it again. I want to know if I should tell the other guy that I am pregnant and it’s his child. At least with him, he is single and even if he doesn’t date me, he will send me money for the child’s upkeep and claim the baby as his. But to give this child to the married man will create a lot of problems with his wife and everyone will know that he has been shagging me on the low. Please which of these men should take responsibility for my pregnancy? It could easily have been the guy from the bar so it’s not as if he is innocent and I am trying to do him any evil. Please I need advice. Please no insults.