This thing started as a joke. Now I am I’m in a mess. Let me explain. My wife and I were having serious marital issues. We were always arguing. It was one thing or the other and at a point I was thinking about divorcing her. I was there one time when I received a message from her close friend. It was a recording of my argument with my wife and some very unpleasant things I said to her. My wife cropped the recording and took out where she had insulted me and called me foolish and irresponsible. All the places she said she regretted accepting my proposal and I was a curse to her were cropped out. Her friend was trying to play the role of peacemaker. She wasn’t rude when she was talking about the issue and she didn’t take sides. She told me she was aware that there are two sides of a story and after my wife sent her the recording, she wanted to hear my side.


I did not even know I was being recorded and I was very angry. But her friend and I spoke for hours and she advised me to act as if I didn’t know about the recording so that she doesn’t stop sending them in the future. Me and this friend of hers started opening up about things married people shouldn’t be opening up about. I have now understood that clinical pyschologists, counselors and therapists are just filled with book knowledge. Most of them act worse in real life. You let me finish narrating so you get what I mean. My wife’s friend is a psychologist by profession although she doesn’t practice it. She is married too. At first it started like she was advising me on how to treat and handle women but the daily conversations turned to something else. This woman started telling me about her marriage life.


That her husband was weak in bed and she cannot stop pretending. The way my wife was also acting, I was always on the phone with her friend. She is also a travel enthusiast. During my leave, she invited me to a three day trip at Central Region. It was a group thing and we visited tourist sites and all that. The evening of the second day, we did it before we returned to Accra the following day. Chale I wish I did not, I was just drunk and in the mood and I didn’t take it serious. But she has fallen for me. After we returned, I begged her to stay away cos what we did was too bad. Both of us are married with kids so she should just consider it a mistake and just move on. I deleted her number from my phone and I started trying to focus on my wife. But she was still the moody, disrespectful woman and she kept pushing me away.

Now her friend too has told me my wife is cheating on me and therefore we should keep doing what we’re doing. At first I thought she was trying to get my attention again but she has forwarded several vns to me and has also screenshotted chats of my wife and her. She has been cheating on me for over a year according to the chats. In the vns, she confessed that the man can take care of her and he has been sending her a lot of money. My wife has also been insulting me to her friend. All of this is in the vn. We have been married for 5 years with two kids. What happened between her friend and me was a mistake. I don’t want to get close to her again. She is a very dangerous friend. But now, my wife too is cheating and showing me attitude because of a rich man she has gotten. I don’t know what to do. I need some solutions.