I went out with three friends to a pool party some weeks ago. We were three friends, but only one of us was dating so he brought his girlfriend along. The party was really lit and there were a lot of ladies. I went round chatting with a lot of them and taking their contacts. We had mad fun and getting to the evening, this lady and I started going deep in our conversation. It wasn’t the normal chatting again, she was clearly aroused by all the male energy around her and the alcohol she had taken. She told me how much she misses a man’s touch and what she will do to have one right now. Many women want the thing but they do long. They will stress you for a long time before they allow you. The reason I was going round taking numbers was that I was planning to start chatting them and see the ones who will open themselves up for some intimacy.


But this girl was telling me she wanted it now. I started getting hard right there and the summer shorts I was wearing wasn’t helping matters. I told her we could find a quiet place to help her with her craving. We went to the back, but other couples were there doing their own thing. It was dark but I wanted some more privacy. I went to one of my friends and asked for his car key. He understood the situation and handed it over. So I took this girl into my friend’s car and we started getting on with it. About halfway through, I wanted to go in and do the real thing, she begged me to go down and lick her and she said that was her only way of reaching climax. In my head, I was thinking that I needed to impress her for us to meet another day again after this. So for several minutes I went down and used my tongue and she was experiencing all the pleasure.


Sadly, she didn’t allow us to do the real thing. She reached climax and then told me the car was uncomfortable so we should plan a room for next time. Since I had her number we will talk. So I called the number she gave me to be sure and it went through. Some ladies have pranked me with that trick before so now, anytime I take a number, I flash it to be sure it’s theirs. She also looked and sounded genuine and when we stepped out of the car, she told me she wasn’t going back to the pool side and I should help her in getting a taxi or uber home. All the uber we ordered were so far away, so I called a taxi for her and that was the last time I saw her.

I don’t know if she ever got home or not. Her phone has not gone through for weeks now and I try the number everyday. Some strange sores started developing on my tongue. They were very itcy and painful too. One of my friends took me to this herbalist and he got me some herbs to treat it. The sores come down and the itchiness reduce but within some days, they come back. They’re now all over my tongue and yesterday, I saw that one has started developing on my lower lip. I don’t know what type of disease the girl has transferred to me. I have kept the problem to myself and I’m afraid to go to the hospital. I want to know if there are medical practitioners on this platform to give me an idea of what this girl has transferred to me so that I can at least know. I have been having sleepless nights. I can’t brush my tongue cos it really hurts. Any help please?