I love this girl with all my heart. She was staying with me and pursuing a part-time HND in Accounting and I was paying for her fees. When I met her, she was an orphan who was staying with her auntie. The woman used to maltreat her a lot and those of us in the area knew about it. As for me, I was staying with my brother just at the next house and it was bad the way she was always crying because the woman was beating her. My brother used to go and beg for her, but he got tired of it and just ignored it when it happened. I really felt for her so anytime she was sent and I saw her outside, I will call her and we will chat. She was 15 years at that time and I was 24. I can say that she grew early because the body she had at that age was a grown woman’s body.


It started as concern and pity but I developed feelings for this girl and she was always in my thoughts. We became very close too and when she finished work at her place, she will come to my side and we will chat. I was tempted many times, but I didn’t touch her because she was a minor. My brother also saw hints and he warned me that if I should impregnate her, he will just sack me from his room because I was perching. Later the girl went to boarding house. I bought a yam phone for her and she was calling me from school. Around that time, my brother went to do knocking for his girl and she came to stay in his single room self-contain with us so I got the message and started looking for another place to stay. I started from a kiosk but through small small spare parts hustle, I’m now in a two bedroom.


So all through the time she was in SHS, I was interested in her. I told her before she went and she said she was shy of me and that she will think about it. But with time, she accepted my proposal. Her auntie never visited her during visiting at school. I was the one who was going there and the school authorities thought I was her brother. I bought things for her and she was so happy. One time I came for a funeral around her school and I told her about it. She left class and broke bounds to meet me at where I was. That was the day I broke her virginity. She was 17 years. She cried so hard because she said she was afraid I will leave her and all her friends have experienced the same fate from the guys who broke them. I assured her that I will not leave her and what I felt for her was genuine. She was concerned that the 9 year gap between us will cause problems and she always had trust issues because of the fear that she was just a school girl I was playing with.

The time came and she finished SHS. She didn’t do bad in the WASSCE, but her auntie was not willing to help her further her education. That is when I bought HND forms for her. Her auntie also left her to her fate. She didn’t sack her, but if she cooked and my girl was not around, she wouldn’t leave any for her. Only she and her children will eat. My girl was always complaining that the woman was finding ways to sack her but she couldn’t do it. The way she was complaining, I told her to come and stay with me and she did. She called her auntie and told her she has gotten a place. Her auntie also got the hint that she was with a man and she warned her that if she should get pregnant, she wouldn’t help her in any way.


As for the pregnancy warning, we got it from both sides so we were careful. I’m not the type who is always looking to spread her legs or do things with her. It happened, but not everyday. My goal was to educate her so that she can be a better person. Thankfully, she finished the HND with a good class. This girl clinged to me like I was her saviour and she even saw me as her father. I turned 30 last year. She turned 21. Around that time, I told her that I wanted us to do a small engagement and go and sign after that. My girl said she was not ready for marriage and she wasn’t sure about how she felt about me but she couldn’t tell me because I have done so much for her. That night, we got into an argument and I hit her for the first time. She cried until she slept and I was feeling very bad but I didn’t know what to do about it. The next morning, I woke up and saw that she wasn’t lying by me on the bed.

I wanted to apologize and make it up to her. I looked for this girl everywhere. I went back to her auntie to ask of her and she wasn’t there. I even reported that she was missing. She didn’t post anything on social media and her phone was off. This story I am narrating about her going missing happened a year ago. Just some weeks ago, I was going through Facebook and I saw her at the people you may know portion. It was a new facebook account she has created. I sent her a friend request but she never accepted it. Later I checked again and saw that she has blocked me. I created another Facebook account with a late friend’s pictures and I used it to send her a request and she accepted. We have been chatting and I am in a lot of pain. My girl has gotten a rich guy who is taking care of her and has gotten her a good job. I tried using that account to propose to her and she proudly told me she is happy with her man and she is not interested. I was so hurt that I called her on video call and showed her my face. When she saw it was me, she has blocked me again. What should I do? I feel like I am going crazy. If I don’t marry this girl, something will happen to me.

How do I get her back. She has changed so much. She used to be very humble and loving to me. She was the one who was afraid I will leave her but look at what is happening now. How can I track her and find her? I cannot sleep or work. I am always thinking about her. Please help me. Is there a way I can track her?