Hi admin. Please post my story for me. I was dating this girl for four years. I am not rich, but I try small small. She wasn’t billing me but I liked to give her money monthly. It makes me feel good about myself when she thanks me anytime I send her something. We were more than married couples. The only thing is that she wasn’t staying with me all the time. She was sleeping over during the weekends. The way we were, nothing crossed my mind that she will do this to me. I felt she loved me more than I loved her. What happened was that somewhere in May, she told me she wanted to crop her hair and dye it. I have been cutting my hair and dyeing the top and she liked it so she said I should take her to my barber.


So we went and the barber cut her hair for her. It fit her and it was very nice so the barber took a picture of her and posted it on his instagram. My girlfriend requested for the pic and he took her number so that he will send it to her. It’s normal. The barber has been doing same to other customers and even me so nothing crossed my mind. But then my girl became very possessive over her phone. She wasn’t like that at first. I still didn’t read anything bad into it. She stopped coming to sleep over at my side on weekends and she was giving excuses all the time. Then a friend called me and asked me if I was still dating my girl or we have broken up? I told him we were still together. That’s when he told me that he saw my girl and one guy at a pub and the way they were close, it looked like they were dating. I asked my girl about it and she couldn’t talk much. She said she was waiting for the right time to tell me and she was sorry.


This girl left me bitterly and I tried to move on. I didn’t even know it was the barber who had snatched my girl from me. Ah but I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw that he has posted pics of him and my girl with some other group of people. Those travel and tour groups. The barber likes doing that a lot, but I didn’t understand what my girl was doing there. I was thinking maybe she was interested and she signed up and paid to join them. They went to the Eastern Region. But when I checked the date the picture was posted, we were still dating so she should have told me about it. Maybe I would have joined it. The next time I went to cut my hair, I just started chatting the barber and asked him if he went on a trip with my girl. The guy started stammering. He was cutting another guy’s hair and he didn’t say anything better.

At that point I saw the line. The guy was now dating my girl. I got angry. It became a serious quarrel over there and he was lucky the other guys stopped me. I called my ex later and asked her what is special about that guy that she left me for him. The girls that have come, you can do anything for them and they will still leave you. I have learnt my lesson paaa. But I cannot forget this girl. I sometimes call her and just want to hear her voice then I will cut the line. She also hasn’t blocked me and I keep thinking she still loves me and maybe wants to come back to me. How do I let her go? Yesterday midnight I sent her many I love you messages. This morning I saw that she has bluetick me. How can I forget this girl? It’s hard.