I have always been imaginative. I used to imagine how I will meet my future husband in the best scenarios. The movies I watched shaped that mindset, and as a writer, I wrote a long list of the qualities of the man I wanted to marry. I always said that even if I will lower my standards, my husband must be tall and have beard. I dated different men in my teens and well into my early 20s. Some were my spec and others weren’t. But even those who I considered my spec didn’t impress me enough to be certain they were the one. Something was always missing. So even though I was in a relationship with them, I knew in my heart that it will end sooner or later. Years ago, I got a job in an area that I wasn’t familiar with and I started boarding a trotro to work every week day. After a while, I started noticing this particular guy board the car around the same time I boarded it and we were glancing at each other, but we never said anything. Once a while, I would see him at the station when I closed. But it was usually the mornings that I boarded with him. I used to say in my mind that he is a nice guy, but he is not my type. I would have preferred him taller and maybe having a full beard instead of a goatee.


One day, the mate was collecting fares as usual and I was seating behind him. I saw him make the attempt to remove money from his pocket and then he started fidgeting and telling the mate that it seemed he had left his wallet at work and he could send him momo if he liked. The mate started complaining about how thieves are smart these days and they come up with different stories all the time. No one in the troski said anything to defend the gentleman. The mate told him its either he stopped playing games and paid the fare or he will make him alight at where we had gotten to. That was when I came in and paid his fare. It was just ghc2.50. The guy turned and thanked me. I knew he wasn’t lying because I had boarded trotro with him many times. He promised to pay me through momo. So he requested for my number but I declined. He insisted and I still declined. I met him the next day at the station and he forcefully paid for me. He got my number that day and we became friends. I was still a stubborn girl who didn’t want to let go of the spec I had in mind even though I was really enjoying this guy’s vibes and company. Barely a few months into our friendship, he wanted me to be his girlfriend but my answer was no. I told him I wasn’t ready yet. I was 26 years and still behaving that way. Thankfully, he didn’t ignore me after my childish attitude and we continued chatting everyday. The feelings I had for him grew and became strong and I was still denying it. But at a point, I knew it was either I agreed to his proposal or I let him go. I couldn’t imagine not chatting with him everyday so I finally accepted his proposal. Till this day, I can say that it was the best decision I have made after Christ.


Now after 5 years and 2 kids, he still respects me so much and treats me like a queen. At our wedding reception the best man told the story of how we met because of ghc2.50 and it was a really funny moment. All his friends know the story and they make me shy by reminding me all the time. I am just glad I learnt to let go of the physical characteristics of the future husband I wrote down and embrace the one I got. Sometimes we think we will only have feelings for our spec, but I am a living testimony that that perception is an illusion. My husband is not tall. When I wear my heels, I’m slightly taller him. He has gained weight since our marriage and his belly keeps growing. We make fun of it together and he is trying to work on it. But my love for him grows all the time. I hope that we’re not bypassing our husbands and wives because we are looking for a particular feature that may be unrealistic. I believe in giving people a chance. Good marriages exist, true love exists. I hope my story inspires someone.