How do I deal with a man who is too big down there?

My husband and I are devout Christians and we take our faith very seriously. We met during church camp meeting and we started dating a year after. Our pastor preaches against sex before marriage and when I first met my husband, he was in line to become a deacon. He made it clear that he didn’t want anything to stain the good character and reputation he had built for himself, so we would not have sex before marrying. I agreed and I felt lucky to have such a good man as my husband.


Our wedding was simple. We didn’t have a lot of money to do a grand wedding and we didn’t want to wait anymore, because we were growing and we loved each other too. Our pastor was very instrumental in helping us buy some of the items we needed for the marriage, something I will forever be grateful to him for.


I told my husband I wasn’t a virgin. I had lived a very wild lifestyle back in school until I met Christ. He told me he had done a few things with women but all of that was in the past and there was no need to dig into that. Our wedding night was fun. We didn’t want to rush things. After all, we had many more years to stay together and do all the things we wanted.

We started our intimacy on the couch and continued on the bedroom. One thing led to another and we finally got to the part where I got to see the thing in his pants. That was when it all went downhill.


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