I’m African American. I came to Ghana to do some projects. I wouldn’t go into specifics and I’m not sharing this story to make any Ghanaian girl feel inferior or not worthy. Before I touched down in Africa, I heard about all the beautiful women here and Legon campus was definitely on top of my list. My Ghanaian friends were literally not shutting up about how ‘cheap’ the girls are and they would literally just let me f*ck them if they just heard my accent. I honestly thought it was all a joke. Lol! But they were right. Even more than I would want to admit. I just drove to campus one night. I was using the map and it was my own way of exploring Africa. I just parked around the Diaspora Halls on campus. (Yeah thanks to my friends I know about the halls) and then I spotted a beautiful black girl heading my way. I called her over and told her I was new in Ghana, I needed a friend to show me around if she was up for it.


She smiled and said yes. It was that simple! Lol. She crossed over to sit next to me and I asked about diners in Ghana. Apparently, Ghanaians stick with ‘restaurant’. We found a nice diner around and sat down to eat. That night, I f*ked her twice. That was just insane! I dropped her off on campus and promised to stay in touch. She was so hungry lol. She always wanted us to meet and f*ck. I made a lot of excuses until she realised I wasn’t interested in a commitment. One or two dates are just enough for me and I told her that. The c*ochie was good though, but I was here for a year and I just wanted to have fun with as much African women as I could so I had to block her. I had a lot of college girls. If I’m not wrong, I had a girl to f*ck almost everyday. They just needed to see me in my car and then when I called them, they wouldn’t be able to turn me down.


I heard Africans are crazy religious. I thought my folks were just blowing that out of This beautiful light skin girl approached me and started preaching to me and all that stuff. I told her I’m an atheist. She said she could convince me to change my mind. That night I had that tight c*ochie. All I had to do was to invite her to a diner to eat. Then I took her to my home here. She wanted it so badly I was amused cos I thought it was against her religion. I guess she was s*x-starved. We became friends even and I had her on my bed anytime I wanted it. I’m leaving Africa in a few days and I just want to say this place is an incredible place. I’ve been in s*x parties, threesomes and all that sh*t. My white friends in the US told me Africans don’t do that stuff but they were wrong with that one. Y’all are a bunch of religious folks but are crazy in secret.

This is why I wrote this. I’m HIV positive. I’ve been undetectable for a while but it still doesn’t change the fact that I got the virus. I tell all the girls I meet about my status but they don’t care. They just tell me to use protection. I show them some dollar notes and they’re willing to let me f*ck them. I think that’s purely insane. This is my homeland. My ancestors are Africans and I’m black and I just want y’all to know that there’s nothing special about foreigners. Nothing special about white folks or African American folks. We may be in a better environment but you don’t have to be so cheap for us. You guys look like you have a good thing working for you here and that’s okay no judgement. Practice your religion and try to be true to yourself. Want to put across that 90% of the girls I f*cked are from the Legon college. That’s freaking crazy!


I want you girls to know you’re special. S*x or having a p*ssy doesn’t make you special. These girls are in college but cannot have intellectual conversations. You ask them about their opinions on relevant topics and they just stare at you blankly or murmur a few words. No hate but high school students in the US can do better than that and they are just teenagers. I may visit the motherland in a few years to come. Not sure if I’ll be in Ghana cos I’ve crossed that off my bucket list. I have Nigeria to cross next. Just wrote this to tell the beautiful African ladies to put some value on themselves because some of the foreigners will not be kind enough to tell you about their HIV status before f*cking the hell out of you. Y’all be good. Great job here admin. I read the stories all the time and I hope they keep coming. Peace.