I have a confession to make and I hope I feel a little bit better after making this confession. So I am a 21-year-old girl. I turned 21 this past June and after SHS, I haven’t furthered my education nor do I have any plans of doing so. My mum sells fruits in front of our house and I was helping her but it wasn’t something I enjoyed doing. One day, my auntie, that’s my mum’s younger sister came to visit us. She was in her thirtees around that time and newly married with a baby on the way. She spoke with my mum for long and she needed someone to come and stay with her to help her when she gives birth and also help with cleaning the house. My mum told her it was my choice if I wanted to join her or not. I was 16 years and I was in SHS at that time.


My auntie spoke to me and told me she will take good care of me if I come and stay with her. She said if I comport myself well, she will let me learn a trade or dressmaking after SHS so I agreed. That’s how I started staying with them. At this point I feel very bad. My auntie’s husband is a serious womaniser who likes young girls. Within a few weeks of staying with them he started touching me in very strange ways. When I am in the kitchen cooking, he will come and stand behind me and rub his thing on my butt in a way that I will feel it. His wife may be breastfeeding the baby or doing something in the hall. I know many people will say I am a bad girl for also keeping quiet but the truth is that I was scared no one will believe me.


All I have been doing is to tell him to stop and my heart will also be beating because I didn’t want any trouble. But the man continued doing that. Then he will be touching my breasts at the least chance. He can just meet me in the room when his wife is not around and he will press my breasts and touch my butt without saying anything, then he will just pass with a smile. Sometimes he will look at me and say girls today develop too early and I shouldn’t blame him for touching me the way he does. When the baby started growing, my auntie was leaving her for me and going to work. I was mostly the only one at home because they will all go to work and leave me and I was used to it. One day her husband came home early. Around 2pm.

I had just fed the baby and placed her down to sleep and I myself was dozing of a bit when he came. He started touching touching me. I was around 17 years then. Sometimes I blame myself because I feel like maybe if I had resisted him more he would have stopped. I just told him to stop but he was whispering that it will just be a few minutes and it will be over. That day, he broke my virginity and I cried after it was all over, but he walked out as if it was nothing. It became normal for him now and he will intentionally be late for work so that his wife will leave early, then he will have s*x with me.


The first time I told him I was pregnant, he looked at me and told me it wasn’t a problem at all and we will sought it out. His wife went to work and he took me to clinic and we aborted the baby. I did another abortion the following year and at this point I was ready to tell my auntie. I didn’t care if she will not believe me anymore or not. But somewhere last year, I got a boyfriend in the area. The guy loves me so much and I don’t even know why. He has been treating me well. At first my auntie didn’t like it. But when she saw how respectful my boyfriend is, she accepted him and he was even visiting me at home a lot. I got pregnant again. This is my third pregnancy and my auntie’s husband is the father. I have s*x with my boyfriend during my safe period, but my auntie’s husband does not care about safe period. He eats me anytime he feels like it so I know it’s his child. Even the timing shows that it’s his child.

If I tell him I was carrying his baby again, he will make me abort it, so this time I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant. It was difficult for him, but he did the right thing by informing his parents who also came to tell my auntie and my mother. Now they are waiting for me to give birth so they do a small marriage for my boyfriend and me. The big problem is that my auntie’s husband has gone to impregnate another girl who is about 18 or 19. She came to inform my auntie with her family. This man denied it even to the point of cursing himself and my auntie foolishly believed him.  Now I don’t know if I should tell me auntie what the man has been doing to me so that it will help her believe that what the girl is saying is true. Her husband is a devil yet she doesn’t see it.

Her husband is in his 40s, yet he likes teenagers. I want to expose him. He has to pay for using me and possibly other young girls. If I tell my auntie about the abortions I have done for her husband and the fact that the baby I’m now carrying is not my boyfriend’s but her husband’s, it will spoil all my chances with my boyfriend. He will leave me and not marry me so I am tempted to keep quiet. Please can you guys tell me what to do? Keeping this secret is really worrying me.