I Ruined Someone’s marriage using Ice blocks and Tomtom

I’m not a very sexually active person as you may think after reading just the title of my headline. In fact for most of my adult life, I only dated one person. At age 17, I entered into a relationship with a classmate around my age which lasted for about`6 years. After my relationship ended, I went into a kind of wild phase, where I did a lot of playing around and having fun. I went out with multiple people, dated lots of people and just did things I wanted to do. My previous 6 year old relationship had really messed me up. While dating him, I really thought he was the last person I would ever be with. We were planning to be together forever, to get married and have children together and everything.


After the relationship ended, I didn’t want to get into another serious relationship again, so I just played around with multiple boyfriends over some time. However, I took some things from the first relationship into my next relationships, particularly my sexual prowess. My first boyfriend was very adventurous and taught me a lot of things. In fact, we learnt a lot of things together. We would often go online to learn new things to try. One of the things we did most often whenever we were together is watching sexual positions on pornographic websites and then trying them out. One of the things I learnt to do, which is the subject of this article, has to do with Tomtom and ice blocks. I won’t go into too much graphic details because of some of your young audience, but essentially, it is a type of oral sex where instead of just using your mouth on his private parts, you also use the popular Tomtom toffee and ice blocks. The Tomtom gives a nice feel and the ice blocks keep it cold and chilled.


Needless to say, there hasn’t been a single man I’ve done this with who didn’t love it. Some people just aren’t adventurous and don’t want to try it, but of everyone who gave me the chance, most of them said it was the best oral sex they had ever had in their love life. One of these men was a married man who I worked in the same company with. I didn’t know he was married at the time. He was part of the team that interviewed me when I first applied to join the company and we took an instant likeness to each other when I begun working there. Being new to the firm, I didn’t know anyone else but him, so we hit it off easily. We started by just going to lunch during work and chatting. Later on, we started talking more often and got much close and even became intimate. Like I stated earlier, he absolutely loved my Tomtom and ice blocks technique and would request for it often. In fact, sometimes we met and wouldn’t do anything else but that. He wouldn’t penetrate me or try anything else, he just wanted oral sex till he reached ecstasy.

About 3 months into joining the firm, I would learn from colleagues that he was married with two children of his own. Apparently, news of our affair was already going around the office grapevine. No one knew anything for sure, but I’m sure they just thought it weird that a married man and the new girl seemed to be so close and were spending so much time together. When I became aware of his marital status, I confronted him about it and told him it was over between us. I wasn’t angry, truth be told, I wasn’t looking for anything serious myself. However, married men are a no no for me and bring so many complications and drama that I would rather not deal with. When I broke the news to him, he was distraught and begged and explained himself. He said he really liked me and had wanted to be upfront with me in the beginning but feared that I would refuse his advances if I knew he was married. I told him I understood him, but my answer remained the same nonetheless.


Then came the usual stories married men like to tell; “I wish I met you before my wife….I will divorce her for you….You’re the one I truly love, etc etc”. I wasn’t buying it and was firm in my decision. I thought it was just another one of those things; a married man trying to hang onto a side chick. His next series of actions however would prove me wrong. He told some of our coworkers about our relationship and asked them to come beg me on his behalf, none of which changed my mind. He would keep calling me at all times of the day and following me around to the extend that it got irritating. And then the real shocker; he told his wife about me and told her that he wanted a divorce. I know this because she actually sought me out, got to know who I was thanks to our colleague and then confronted me to leave her husband alone. I told her it was over between us and apologized for the whole affair, but she didn’t believe me. Apparently, he kept telling her their marriage was over. But that wasn’t even the shocking part of the whole thing…that came when I first saw her. She was a really good looking woman with all the nice assets and figure that African men love. I don’t know much about her or what she does, but she was well spoken and sounded smart. It just seemed so crazy to me that this man was willing to lose her over someone he had only known for a few months.

I told the husband of our confrontation and told him to stop his weird obsession before he got me into more trouble. How did he expect me to feel after bringing so much pain to another woman? Most of her prayer points by now are probably just curses directed at me. I eventually had to resign from the company, as the whole thing became a controversy that almost everyone knew about. He remained in the company however, and kept showing up at my house frequently asking for us to get back together. Eventually, when he realized that I wasn’t going to change my mind, he came up with a compromise and made me an offer; If I wanted, he wouldn’t divorce his wife and I can also date whoever I wanted. He just wanted us to keep being intimate. Specifically, he wanted me to keep giving him oral sex. He said he would even give me a regular allowance if I wanted. I would have laughed in his face if the whole thing wasn’t very weird.

So that’s what this whole thing was about…just blowj*b using tomtom and ice blocks. Suddenly, his actions made sense to me. It wasn’t like I was the most beautiful lady he had ever met or that I treated him in a special way that he couldn’t get from anywhere else…it was just that one thing that made him so obsessed. Currently, I am working on moving to a new house and changing my contact number to get away from him. I can’t imagine what his wife must be going through right now and I feel like I’m to blame for their messed up marriage. This is my cautionary advise to married women: Experiment with your husband and find out what he likes, and then try to satisfy him in that manner. Some of them cheat because they have weird sexual preferences and fetishes that they can’t share with you.