I don’t love my wife anymore. She is not the same woman I married. But I don’t know if that is enough to divorce her. I am tired of always seeing her in the house. When we married 12 years ago, She was more slim and cute. That was my spec and it is exactly who I fell in love with. Now, after 4 children, she doesn’t care about herself anymore like she used to. She was very good looking and fashion-conscious. She dressed very nicely and always looked presentable. Now she just covers her body with a cloth and the sight of her doesn’t even turn me on anymore.


She has complained about why I don’t touch her anymore and I always tell her I am tired. But that is not the case. I don’t find her attractive and because of that I rather go in for hookup girls when I feel like having sex. I go for morning runs to keep fit. I have tried to get my wife to join me but this turns into a fight every time I make that request and I have started considering divorce. I don’t want to keep deceiving her by sleeping with other girls but she looks so different from our wedding pics. She has grown two or three times bigger than when I married her and slim girls have always been my type.


You may think I am selfish but I am not. I have worked to keep my body fit and strong so I don’t understand why she is not working to maintain a slim body. As for old age, we will all grow old and I do not dispute that. I just want my wife to be slim again and this is stressing me out. I tried to discuss the issue of her weight with her. She got angry and started crying. Telling me I was a very wicked man for expecting her to be the same weight after giving birth to four children. But many women have proven that it is possible and I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to exercise. She wont have any more kids. I have done a vasectomy to ensure that. My wife is proving difficult. How many husbands are willing to help their wives exercise? Yet I am willing to do this for her.

Our sex life is suffering. I don’t want to see her naked because her body does even make me horny. She doesn’t dress nicely anymore. She no longer puts on make-up like she used to or get her nails done. She says it’s because she is a mother and she has to take on the role. But being a mother doesn’t mean she should let go of all the things that made her beautiful. Am I in the right if I decide to divorce her? Is she being selfish by not thinking of my preference and the fact that I want her to look good for me?