When I met my husband, he was already a father of three children from three different women. I knew from the very beginning that he had kids with different women. But let me tell you something: When a man is in love and wants to marry you, he will do anything to impress you. That’s what my husband did to me. When we were dating, I didn’t have issues with his baby mamas. I wasn’t seeing them. I wasn’t even seeing his children. He had accounts for them and they received monthly amounts through those accounts. He also wasn’t chasing other girls. He proved to me that he was a changed man who wanted to settle down. I considered all of these things and I didn’t think his baby mamas will interfere with our marriage in the future. It was when our wedding invitation started circulating that the threats followed. I was receiving messages here and there. Some were telling me to be careful about dating a womanizer. Others were more scary, like I won’t survive in the marriage.


I showed them to my husband and he said I shouldn’t worry and that it was in line with his job. He works in the office of a popular politician and he felt it was a political attack on him and I shouldn’t worry. Then I opened my Facebook and this woman had written a long story in my dm. It was about how my husband dated her during their school time and made her a single mom. She said my husband promised to marry her but he didn’t do it. I didn’t reply her. I asked my husband about it and he didn’t take it seriously. Then my brother called me one day and asked me if I was sure about marrying my husband. He said a friend of his knows one of my husband’s baby mama’s and she was very angry about the upcoming wedding. I brushed it off. Honestly, I’m not a saint. I have aborted two babies in previous relationships so I didn’t want to play the judge card by rejecting my husband because he had kids with other women.


He was taking care of me and I was very comfortable, so was my mum. But just two years of marriage and I wish I had listened and walked away. I have a one year old son with him and already I can’t stay in the marriage. My husband is not even doing a good job by hiding the other girls from me. I have seen his chats with university girls. These girls know he works in a political office and they are seducing him for money. I have been there before so I know. I can’t even complain. My husband leaves me for days and weeks and his reason is always work but I know he goes for other girls. All he knows is to spend money on me and let me buy expensive things but I don’t get the affection he was giving me when we were dating. I feel like he has gotten me as his wife and he has left me at home in search of other women.

The worse part is that all of a sudden his children want to visit him and come to our house. When they come, their mothers come with them and I am very unhappy because of all of this. My husband doesn’t have time to play with our child or even carrry him. His attention is always somewhere else. Recently, I went to a function with my husband and he excused himself that he was going to the washroom. He kept long so I went to check myself. He has cornered one lady and they were talking. He wasn’t even shy to do that in public. People in the function knew he is married and yet he didn’t care about it. I cannot divorce him. My whole family has benefited from the marriage. Even the brother who didn’t want us to marry has gotten a good job because of him.


Any man who has a baby with different women is a serious womanizer. Such people don’t change no matter how many times they tell you they have changed. My husband was acting like a saint when he was chasing me but today here I am. He is treating me like old cargo after I gave him a child. He is going after fresh meat. I am not different from any of his baby mamas. The only difference is the ring I’m wearing. He has already gotten tired of me after one child and looking for another. It is just a matter of time before I hear that he has impregnated another girl. I wish I had stayed away from such a man because the red flags were there and I still married him. Please stay away from such men. To the girls who have also decided to go after married men, your time is coming. We are all reaping the fruits of our actions. Admin, please post for me. Thank you.