Times are hard, but it looks like for some ladies, they don’t know what is going on. My girlfriend is giving me a very hard time and I have brought the issue here for help. As for leaving her, it will be hard. Everyone is saying I should stop complaining and leave her but I love her with all my heart and I have a boy with her. She was doing some work and things were not going well. The transportation from her work home and back was just taking all her salary and it wasn’t worth it so I told her to stop the job and come and we will look for something else for her to do. Maybe that was the mistake I did. The moment she came to sit home, I have been taking care of her. She wasn’t staying with me, but I was giving her money weekly to go to the market and cook for us and the boy. In addition to that, she said I should be giving her money monthly since I asked her to quit her job.


I started out by giving her excuses. I told her she could ask me anytime she needed something and I’ll give it to her. That method didn’t work. I started giving her ghc500 about 4 years ago. This wasn’t part of the weekly money I was giving her for market visits and the credit I was buying for her every other day. I was also paying for her hair and nails. She would ask me to increase the money and we will have a fight over it. Because of her, I can’t save anything. I used to be very good in budgeting my money and investing. Since we started dating, I have lost every money in my savings and I don’t have anything left for emergencies. Beginning of the year, she forced me to increase her monthly money from 1K to 1.5K. We started from ghc500 years ago and I’ve increased it over the years. Yet she still wants me to pay for her hair. I have done the mtn data ghc399 for 214g for her. Since she got netflix, it finishes in less than 2 months. Now last month, she said times are hard so I should be giving her ghc500 weekly instead of 1.5 monthly.


Meanwhile I have increased her food money too ooo. I don’t want to mention my work or specific salary, but it’s less than 3k. Already, I having been borrowing small small for certain emergencies like my car getting faulty and my mother’s hospital bills. I even got a salesgirl job for her to support me because I’m suffering. She said she couldn’t do that work and she is above it. For the sake of my son, I want to marry her. But when I look at her extravagant lifestyle I am getting discouraged. She dresses like a minister’s wife and I remember a time her friends were jokingly asking me if I have charmed her for her to stay with me because I always look simple and she wears expensive things and she acts like I’m not her class.

I know many of you will say I should leave her. But this is a woman I have been through a lot with and I love her so much. I chased her for a long time before she agreed to date me and she has given me a son who I love very much. I need advice on how to handle women who are extravagant like her. There may be some married men or guys who are dating such women and can advice me on how to handle her and let me talk to her to tone down on the money requests. My mother and siblings don’t approve of the relationship. They keep saying the girl is just with me because of my money. But if she was pretending, she wouldn’t have given birth for me and she is still with me. I will be reading comments please.