I’m a 25-year-old lady who is going through the worst time in my life right now. My father was not well for years, but somewhere last year, things got very worse when he got a stroke in addition to the diabetes. We had exhausted all our medical bills and even some of our family members were acting annoyed with us because we have borrowed a lot of money and some of them even stopped answering our calls because they knew we will ask for money and we haven’t even paid for the previous money we took. My mother sold her jewellery and clothes and it wasn’t easy for us. We’re 3 children and Daddy was the one working to bring money home. From the moment he went down with the illness and his leg was amputated, life has been very tough for us. I am an unemployed graduate and I was even tired of sending my CVs to companies.


I was taking my dad for check ups. Sometimes it was my mum who was doing it, but usually it was me. I met this guy at the hospital. He was around his mid to late 30s. He was bringing a relative who was not well and we met about 3 times there. So the third time, he took my contact and we started talking on phone since that day. I didn’t meet him at the hospital anymore. I narrated my predicament to him and he promised to help me. He was sending me daily money of ghc50 to take care of myself. But later, he told me he was willing to give me a lump sum of ghc3k if I agree for him to sleep with me. That amount can help cater for my dad’s medical expenses and help us a bit. I asked him if he will use protection and he said yes. I asked him if he will do it just once and he told me we’ll spend the whole day together and he will like to have me during that period.


I didn’t tell my mum or any of my siblings or friends. I didn’t tell anybody at all and he sent me a location and told me to take uber and he will pay. I did that and got to his house. What I did was risky. The guy was in a big house at Adjiriganor and I started wondering the kind of work he does to be living in this big house alone. At that point no one knew where I was and he was a stranger. I needed the money for my father. I also wanted my mother to know that I can also bring money to support the family. One time she got angry with me and told me how useless I have become for not getting a job after they toiled to take me to school. It really worries me to this day. I got there in the morning. I just told my mum a friend was willing to lend me some money and I was going to see the person. We ate breakfast and then he went to take his bath and led me to the bedroom for one round. After that we watched Netflix, we didn’t even get halfway through the movie and he started touching me again.

I don’t know the type of medicine this guy took or the last time he had s*x but he was acting like an animal on heat and I needed the money so I didn’t complain. I honestly lost count of the number of rounds, but by evening, he had gone about 7 rounds with me. I was so weak and sore. He kept his promise and gave me the 3k in cash before I left that evening. He said anytime I want money, I can come for us to repeat the same thing. The money went quickly and I was tempted to message him again. We didn’t chat after I left his house. We used to chat like friends but after that encounter with him, I didn’t know what to chat with him about again. He just saw me as an object and I understood.


Then I was there and this number sent me a picture of a man’s joystick and asked if I liked what I was seeing. I would have thought it was the same guy, but he is dark and the picture was of a fair guy. Then another message followed that he wants to have me the next weekend and pay me. I didn’t reply, I just blocked the number. Then another number messaged to ask me for my prices. Within that week, I received many calls and many messages from different numbers. I angrily called him and asked if he has shared my contact with friends. He answered that he enjoyed me and he wanted other guys to have a feel so he shared my contact and name on jodel. I was so angry at him and I have blocked him. But the numbers kept calling everyday until one day an old school mate of mine called me and asked me if I was now a h*okup girl. He saw my contact on the app and when he was saving it, he saw that he already knows me.

It looks like the guy has been sharing it for days. Please can he be arrested for doing this to me? How do I solve this problem? The sad part of this whole situation is that, my dad has also passed away a few days ago and I feel like all the pain I went through was for nothing. Please advice me.