Me and one guy got a job at this area. We met for the first time at the interview with other people and we later found out we were the only two who got in. The place is far from my house but I am very happy I’ve gotten a stable job to do after four years of searching. The guy was also perching a friend so when I told him about my idea of renting around the workplace, he said we should split the cost and rent together. The first year, we got a spacious single room s/c and we were cool. Along the line I got a girl and I needed privacy with her. She was visiting but there was no privacy cos my guy is an indoors person and he wasn’t stepping out.


I spoke to the agent who helped us get the single room that if he gets two bedroom self contain in the area, he should let me know. It was around the time our one year rent was coming to an end. The agent got a place for us and the price was just a little higher. I spoke to my roomie and he agreed so we paid and moved there. Within a few months, the guy started bringing different women into his room. It was even funny for me cos this guy is not that type but the moment he got his own room, he started showing his true colours. We now had our own rooms side by side and the truth is sometimes, I could here his intimacy with the girls in the next room. My girl was coming around for fun, but she wasn’t sleeping over. Her parents are the strict type and they ask questions so she couldn’t sleep over my side.


Then this particular girl started coming around. Roomie said he was serious about her and he wasn’t going to play around with her. True to his word, she became the only girl I was seeing around. I will wake up in the morning and she will be in the kitchen cooking something for all of us to eat. The kitchen is shared, but we both have washrooms inside our rooms. She was really a nice girl. Seeing her early in the morning in her short night gown was a bit hard for me. I told my roommate about it and he said he’ll tell her to wear something to cover herself before stepping out of his room but honestly she didn’t change. This girl stopped going home and she was staying with us full time. I asked my roomie about her family and work and all that. Looks like she doesn’t have anything better to do. She was selling women dresses online but nothing better was coming out of it so she has stopped and now my roomie takes care of her.

Her family is also not in Accra so she is alone here. Along the line, my girlfriend started doing long and we broke up. She couldn’t come over, she was making excuses all the time and billing me too so chale I just ended things with her. My roomie and his girl were also doing the thing all the time. The tatata sound was too much. The girl too moans and I started m*sturbating to them having s*x in the night. Especially the way the girl will be moaning. I saw that I started having feelings for her and the revealing things she wears in the house was driving me crazy. I’m a morning person. I even wake up early on Saturdays when there’s no work to do. But roomie is the opposite of that. When we got the job, I was the one waking up to call him for work. These days, his girl does it. She also wakes up early like me.


Chale one Saturday, I woke up early as usual, around 5am and I met her in the hallway. It looked like we both have been fighting our feelings. We got close and almost kissed. Later I texted her and begged her to try and keep a little distance. My roomie and I have become like brothers and I don’t want to create any problem. I think texting her was the wrong thing to do. We have our contacts but we barely text on whatsapp cos we always see each other. But after I whatsapped her about what we almost did, she will be in her boyfriend’s room and be texting me. We started s*xting and exchanging nudes. This went on for months. As I said roomie doesn’t step out a lot so even though I was burning to knack the girl, he was always around so we couldn’t do anything except text.

But the chance came. His mum got sick and he got permission from work to leave for a few days. His mum was in Assin area and he left Accra. The plan was to return within a week. He left the girl some money and we went to see him off. The spirit is willing to fight this temptation, but the flesh is weak. Since that day, we have been having s*x like animals. We know it’s wrong but we can’t stop it. She has a very high s*x drive and to find a girl like that is just a good feeling. My roomie will return tomorrow. He called today to inform me that his mum is better and it was nothing serious. The girl says she loves me and she wants to break up with him and date me.

I cannot live with that. He was away for 5 days and I had her many times but relationship is different and I don’t think I want to be in a relationship with her. If the girl leaves him and comes to me, it will destroy the great friendship we have built for almost two years. I’m not the type who has a friend I can call a brother. I don’t have a biological brother and this guy has become like my brother. He has been nothing but good to me. I regret knacking his girl and I just don’t want him to find out. He trusted me so much that even when I told him about his girl wearing a nightie around, he didn’t expect that I will eat her because of it. I have done wrong and I just don’t want him to know. How should I handle this girl and make her keep quiet?