I have a friend who normally sends me snap handles of girls who streak nudes. Some of them take money for it, others have a private story they add you to and streak. Some of the girls too just do it for free. I’m not a fan of p*rn videos because they are all acting and it looks fake to me. Live video chat sessions are the best. You can bate to girls on your screen and its close enough to the real deal. So the thing is that they are h*okup girls. So once a while I invite some of them over if I see her body and I like the body. But I like to start from video chats on snap. This my friend has a lot of links and handles he shares with me everytime I ask. It so happens that I requested a snap handle from him recently and the lady and I started streaking ourselves.


She will send a close shot of her nipple or her backside and I was liking it so much. She said she is into h*okup and s*x video call but she preferred all chats and video calls on telegram so we should move to telegram rather. She sent me her handle on telegram and we continued our chat there. She sent me a list of her prices. She has a price for anal, normal s*x, threesome and even foursome. I asked her if she has done foursome before and she said yes. She alone with three guys. I was thinking this girl is just wild. So fast forward, we set a time to do a video call so I can see her well. The time came and we started. I immediately recognized the room she was in although I had not seen her face because she was wearing a mask. The room was in our house. I have been there many times and I was very sure that it was my younger sister’s room.


I was so quiet when she started tw*rking on the screen. I couldn’t get hard. I was thinking it was a friend using her room for the video call, but I just knew it was her. My sister. I only see her body in clothes, but it was her. She was wearing a mask, but I just knew it was her. She didn’t recognize me of course because she was only seeing my d*ick and she doesn’t know what my new place looks like. It’s just recently that I went to rent somewhere. I had already sent her the ghc70 she was charging for the video session and it wasn’t her name I saw when I was sending it. The snap handle and telegram handles were all not her name. I have her normal snap handle with her name. She eventually stopped and asked me why I wasn’t getting hard. I couldn’t speak because I was scared she will recognize my voice. I cut the line and sent her a text that something important came up. Then she sent me a reply that no refund and if we don’t do it to climax right now, she won’t be able to continue another time unless I pay again.

I just went off. My head was just spinning. You guys should see how this girl acts like an angel around my parents. She just turned 20 in August and even though I was sure it was her, something was still telling me I could be mistaken. I asked my friend who sent me her snap. He doesn’t know my sister. He is a friend from Uni and he doesn’t know my family members. According to my friend, another friend of his had s*x with her and he sent him her contact. I met up with my friend later and he told me he had had s*x with her two times. He was going on about how sweet the girl was and he showed me her pictures. I was very angry. I just told my friend I had to leave and do some rounds. My sister opens his legs to guys for money! I didn’t even have the courage to tell my friend she is my sister. My friends have done nothing wrong. I have also been with other girls like that.


I can’t tell my parents. I want to confront my sister but I don’t know how to go about it. If I do it wrongly, she will get worse and sleep around with more men. My friend and I are 30 years and he is even married. Right now I don’t want to imagine the different types of guys my sis has been with and the different ages that she has opened her legs to. Just the mere thought makes me sick. She keeps coming back to text me on telegram. Asking me when will I be ready for her to come over. She said I can give her handle out to other friends of mine because she needs ‘customers’. I’ve told her I will let her come over next week. I want to think and know what to do. I won’t even say that my sister lacks anything. We’re only two and my dad provides for all she needs. So for her to be into this business is very shocking to me. How do I approach this issue without causing further harm?