I was dating this nice girl during our school time. She was everything I needed in a girl and both of us loved each other very much. I used to tell my best paddy about how the girl was very different from other girls I’ve met and been with and he’ll just rubbish my words and say that she is faking it and all girls are the same even so-called church girls. But I kept ignoring him. When we completed school, (my friend and I), I was coming to campus to visit my girl every evening. We’re two years ahead of her in school. So luckily where I was doing my NSS wasn’t far from campus so I will pass by and we’ll chat. Sometimes when I come, she has cooked and she’ll give me some and we’ll eat. When I finished NSS, I wasn’t getting a job to do.


I partnered with two friends to be selling summer shorts, singlets, boxers, sweatpants and all that stuff online. I was managing with that small small but my girlfriend never complained or anything. She was rather encouraging me that things will get better. She won’t ask for money, but I was sending her what I could from my heart and she will call and thank me so much that I always have the urge to even do more and give her more. Around this time I was not in contact with my close friend. The guy who was warning me about my girl. His dad has links so he got a good job after NSS and we weren’t meeting anymore but we were chatting on whatsapp and he will always ask me about my girlfriend and I’ll tell him we’re good. But he always had a way of planting doubts in my head.


He will say things like no girl can be faithful to his guy if he has completed school. By this time she’s with another guy on campus and I should stop being dull and also have fun with girls. You know how guys talk. But I ignored him because I trusted my girl. But one time I came over to her side and there was this guy with her. Her roommates were not there and they were the only two in the room. I didn’t like that at all. The guy too is a nice guy. I later asked about the guy and she said they’re coursemates and there is nothing more. But I couldn’t shake the feeling off. On his birthday, she wished the guy on her status and I started getting jealous although she posted me on my birthday with a lot of sweet words and even bought new gamepads for me because she knew the ones I had stopped working.

But I just started getting angry at her because every group picture she takes with other coursemates that guy will be there. One time I called my friend and told him about it. He said he knew that’s how campus girls are and this girl has proved to me that he was just keeping me on the side. Well long story short, I broke up with her. She called me on the phone crying and promising me that there was nothing between her and the guy but I don’t know what came over me and I couldn’t trust her anymore so I broke up with her even though I was hurting myself. I deleted her number from my phone and all our chats. I unfriended and unfollowed her everywhere because I didn’t want to be seeing her pictures anywhere to cause me problems. After that I tried dating some other girls but none of them were like her and I missed her so much. I informed my friend about the breakup and he said I did the right thing


It’s been about five years now and I still think about her. I’ve dated others but it didn’t work out and right now I’m a single guy. I wasn’t hearing from my friend as we used to. Still trying to get the online business running after all these years. Life as a man is not easy in Ghana. I started borrowing money here and there from my friend. I was always broke and this constant borrowing has also affected our friendship. Now when he sees my message, he takes days to reply. He knows I’m coming to borrow from him so I have stopped messaging him. Then last month, I saw a wedding invite on his status. My friend, the guy who persuaded me to break up with my girl is going to marry her. There was this other guy who knew I was dating the girl and he messaged me to ask me if I’ve seen the wedding invitation cos my friend sent it to him and even he was very surprised because he knew that was my girl during school time.

When I saw the wedding invite on his status, I sent him a long message asking him if this was his plan all along. I’m sure he forgot to block me from seeing the status because he intentionally didn’t send the invitation to me but sent it to other friends. The message has ticked blue since last month and he has still not replied. When I call his number, he doesn’t answer and when I use a different number and he answers, he will cut the line when he realizes it’s me. I started looking for my ex’s number and I got it from one of her friends. When I called her, we had a long chat for over two hours.

According to her my friend got close to her after I broke her heart and he was there for her from that time until now. They were in a serious relationship for four years and she gave him a chance because she knew him and he wasn’t a stranger she was now going to do talking stage with. My ex politely told me to move on because she has moved on. What even pains me is that she told me it wasn’t my friend’s fault even when I told her what my friend did. My ex said I was the one who decided not to trust her and I shouldn’t blame anyone. When we hang up, I tried calling her again the next day and I realized she has blocked me. What my friend has done to me eerh, he should have used a knife to stab me rather. Their wedding is this coming weekend and I feel so down. What should I do please?