Anyone who knows UG campus will know how big and open the place is. There is barely any place for privacy. Maybe except the areas where there are a lot of trees. My boyfriend has this weird fantasy of only wanting to have s*x with the fear and adrenaline of being caught. You will be surprised at the places we have done it and the list of places he wants us to try before we leave the school. Recently, what he did got me very angry with him and he apologized and bought me a new phone to replace my faulty one. I want to tell the readers some of the places we have done it and how we were almost caught. Then I want to know if after all that, I should still stay with him.


Both of us are 21. I love him, but I have this feeling he is too wild and careless about certain things and he puts me in danger when he does that. We’re both in level 300 now and we started dating right from level 100. The first time, he told me he wanted us to try it in one of the lecture room washrooms. There’s this lecture hall called JQB. It’s the biggest lecture hall on campus if I’m not mistaken and the place is very open, so people use the washroom a lot. We waited to around 12 am in the midnight and he met me in front of my hostel and we went there. That was in level 100 and even though it was midnight, a lot of students were studying on the ground floor. He told me to climb to the first floor and go straight to the boy’s urinal and he will join me soon. He didn’t want anyone to suspect anything.


When I climbed up, there was no one there, that side was quiet and lights were off, but there was light in the washroom. I hurriedly entered the boy’s side and waited for him to get inside. When he came, we found a neat WC, locked the door and had s*x as quietly as we could in the toilet. A few people will come and urinate and we will hear it and be quiet. Then we will continue again when they leave. He was enjoying the adventure so much but the whole thing was too weird and uncomfortable for me. Anytime I will tell him, he will say I’m too boring and I should open myself up to adventure a little.

Another time, he said he wanted to do something more risky than the toilet, so we went to the same lecture hall building and did it in one of the lecture rooms. We went all the way to the back and it was only the desks that were covering us. If anyone walks in, we’ll hear the footsteps and compose ourselves because we do it with clothes on always. This continued for several times. We have done it on his hostel balcony, course department, even the bushes. One time he fingered me on the Sarbah field. That’s a park many go to pray at in the evenings. When others were praying, he was fingering me. The place is not very well lit and if you’re not close enough, you won’t see what is happening. I’m sure people from afar thought we were also praying because we were kneeling down but his hand was in my pants.


I have given him a bl*wjob on another field known as the athletic oval. People also pray there but on that midnight, the school was on vacation and those praying there were very few. We hid behind the benches and I sucked him until he came in my mouth and I swallowed all of his semen. He says it turns him on when I swallow so I do it for him. Recently we were almost caught. To be truthful, we were caught but we escaped. He even left me and it pains me when I think about it. We were having sex at one of the bushes around Pent. That’s one of the hostels. A security man saw us and started shouting and coming towards our direction. He was on top of me and he hurriedly stood up and closed his flap and run away. I was the one who had to get up and wear my jeans trousers, but thankfully the man didn’t see my face and I was able to run before he got there. I just left the cloth we spread on the ground.

My boyfriend has apologised for running and leaving me and he bought a new phone for me to prove his love for me. I also love him so much. He takes care of me on campus and I have no one like that. Even getting ghc1 from my father at home is a problem and he is all I have but I am scared that the next time we will be caught and I don’t know how to face such an embarrassing situation. I need your advice please. I don’t want to leave him so if I can get another way to handle it, I’ll be grateful.