I’m a 28-year-old young and energetic guy. I don’t smoke and I drink once a while. I also go to the gym three times a week. I just want you guys to know that I’m a fit guy and my lifestyle is not a contributing factor to the problem I’m about to share. Now when I was around 17 years, some friends and I in the same hood got some herbs and we applied it on our joystick for like a week. We heard it was for p*nis enlargement and we were naive and curious. It was a very childish thing to do. I wasn’t even having s*x at that time, but cos of peer pressure. Long story short, I have been having some issues with my joystick for a year now. It has a mind of its own and it doesn’t follow my s*xual desires.


Normally, I have to be s*xually aroused before it will erect or the normal morning erections that guys have. But my joystick erects anytime. I can be walking and it will suddenly rise and refuse to fall for hours. It has been happening a lot lately and things like these are embarrassing to talk to someone about. Because of this issue, I stopped wearing my usual loose boxers because when my pr*ck erects, it shows for everyone to see. I now wear the tight briefs but even that doesn’t secure me well. I encounted one very embarrassing situation recently. I am an admin assistant at work. I was doing something when my boss called me. When I entered his office, my joystick was flaccid, then all of a sudden, when the man begun to talk, I got an erection out of nowhere. I wasn’t aroused in anyway and because I was standing in front of him, he noticed it immediately.


Thankfully he made it a joke and asked me if the AC was making me hard and we both laughed about it. But it was so embarrassing. That day, my thing was hard for three hours continuous and I had to adjust it in a way to avoid it being seen.  The sad part about the problem is that when I actually want it to get hard for some action, it doesn’t. My girlfriend left me a few months ago because of this. We can do all the kissing and cuddling to help me get hard but it just wouldn’t rise. I tried a few ho*kup girls to help me see if I wasn’t imagining the problem and it was the same thing. My girl thought I was no more attracted to her because we have been together for two years and our intimacy was very smooth during the first year so she couldn’t understand why all of a sudden I couldn’t get it up.

My morning wood has also become very inconsistent. I can go a week without one and then I can get an erection for two days. I started thinking it was the enlargement herb I applied when I was 17. But my friends who I did it with are not having any side effects. It has been so many years and I had to avoid the embarrassment, invite them out for a drink and just catch up on old times. Then I brought it up and they were all doing fine without any side effects. I m*sturbate occasionally, just about once a week and there’s no problem with that. Been doing it for over 13 years and I haven’t had an issue. But for the past year, getting an erection to even pleasure myself has become an issue. I can watch all the videos and my Jack will not even rise. It decides to get hard when it wants to and it doesn’t follow my feelings and my brain anymore.


I remember one time at the gym, I got so hard in the bathroom that the other guys were looking at me as if I was gay. I mean which guy gets hard in a room with other guys except he is gay? I was very embarrassed. I wouldn’t bother writing all this if this thing wasn’t worrying me. I need solutions. If you know a specialist who can help me, please drop the information in the comments. I’m counting on the admin to post this as soon as possible because I’m suffering for real.