I’m struggling with where to start from and how to go about this whole situation. I’m a mixed guy. Born to a Ghanaian mother and an American Dad. My mum met my dad when she went to college in New York. The two had a short relationship and mum returned home to Ghana after schooling there before she discovered she was pregnant. I grew up in Ghana until SHS and then I went to stay with my dad for the first time. I was 15 and very strong-willed. Maybe that was excessive for my age. I got a classmate pregnant. My mum tried to speak to her family to terminate it, but they wouldn’t do it. In the end, I was withdrawn from that school and then my dad made me come over when the story spread. I guess people tag ‘half-cast’ guys as players and bad boys and I proved them right so daddy decided I should come over. I tried to forget that incident But I just couldn’t, and I informed my mum to check up on the girl and my baby when its born.


Mum probably thought I was being a teen and I was childish, so she ignored my requests. I went to a good college and graduated with honours. At 25, I left my dad’s apartment, got my own crib and came home to Ghana to visit my mum and the girl. I just wanted to do right by her. My mum didn’t like it when I informed her I wanted to go see her, but I insisted. We bought some groceries for her and her family and drove to her home. It was a distance, considering the bad roads in the country, but we got there. I had hoped for some good news when we got there but her family reacted in a hostile way. Tbh it was a normal reaction considering what I did to their daughter. Apparently, she never completed high school and also had a psychotic breakdown after birthing our daughter. It may have been postpartum depression which wasn’t treated, so it probably escalated into other psychological abnormalities.


I was told she roams freely around the town as a ‘mad’ person now and she comes home when she feels like it. I asked about my daughter and that request started another set of insults, but they eventually succumbed. She was called from inside the room. She was so beautiful, even had my dad’s silky hair. I promised to do right by her and take care of her because with an unstable mother, and in such an environment, she wasn’t going to thrive. I wanted to make amends and take her with me back to New York, but her mother’s parents have rejected the offer. They have this bad perception about the US and it’s just crazy. They don’t want their granddaughter to be exposed to all the promiscuity there. They claim they can’t trust me with her. The stories and reasons were so many that what I thought will be an easy situation dragged.

I’ve offered to get help for their daughter and pay for her psychiatric treatment, but they have refused. They said anything that comes from me is bad luck. Bruh, two teenagers had consexual s*x and my mum got me out of the country. I was just 15. I didn’t have control over the decisions of my parents. They decided to get me out of Ghana. I’ve never been okay after I left this country. This is why I returned to Ghana after I got a job. I’m independent and I want to do right by them. Her family’s actions are just too primitive to handle. These folks are accusing me of wanting to use my daughter for rituals and that’s just messed up. They don’t want to accept anything from me. They didn’t even accept the groceries we brought to them. Now, we’re back home in Cantonments. My mum wants me to forget I have a child and just go back to the US. I am willing to fight for a better life for my daughter. I owe that to her.


I can get a lawyer. That’s what I want to do. But I don’t want to create additional problems for the girl’s family. They keep threatening to break bottles and eggs and ‘curse’ me. I don’t know what to think about all of that. They claim they have the chiefs and ‘spirits’ behind them and I shouldn’t go back to look for my daughter. But the girl wants to come with me. I asked her and she gave me a nod in the affirmative although she was visibly fearful of her grandparents. So this is it. I have to return in a few months and I need to take my daughter with me. His mum has also not returned home in a while. I need to see her to have an idea of the state she is in. If she can reason a little or not. I feel like I’m going insane right now and this is just because I f*ked up her life 10 years ago. No pun intended. Any help?