I’m in very deep trouble and I’m even trembling. My husband of nine years came home one day and said he wants to do a DNA of our children. We have two boys and a girl and only the girl belongs to him. She is the only one I’m sure of. The whole thing is really complicated and not as easy as it may look or seem. I have been dating my ex for so many years before I met my husband but my parents gave us a very tough time. He is a Christian and they said they will never allow him to marry me because we are Muslims. Somehow we were able to make everyone believe we had stopped seeing each other but we were still dating in secret. I met my husband later and we got married. We moved away from the area and my ex was too far for us to be meeting so for some time we were not meeting even though we still had our contacts. I got pregnant and gave birth to our first child, a girl. She’s my husband’s daughter and I’m sure about that.


I wasn’t seeing any other person at that time. My ex and I were still communicating at that time though. He got married around the time my daughter turned two years and I heard about it. He invited me and everything but I just couldn’t go because I cried so much and I felt so hurt that another woman will be with him. We couldn’t stay away from each other and we started meeting again when his wife travelled because of work duties. I feel so bad for saying this but we were having s*x regularly. My husband himself is a very busy businessman and he didn’t notice it at all. When I got pregnant the second time, I knew it wasn’t for my husband. My ex wanted me to abort it but I was too scared to do that so I just kept it.


Then I gave birth to my son and vowed to be faithful to my husband. But just a few months later and I couldn’t stay away from him anymore. He joined his wife in Kumasi where she had been transferred because of work. This happened after he lost his job and there was no need for him to be in Accra. Even with that, he was able to come to Accra during the weekends to meet me and have s*x. I was also having s*x with my husband around the same time and I don’t even know who the father of my third child is. I have convinced myself that he is my husband’s, I even told my ex that he is for my husband. But I honestly don’t know. He also looks like me so I just let it be. After his birth, I forced myself and ended things with my ex. He stopped coming to Accra during the weekends to meet me.

We slowed down on our chats and then we stopped. He had kids with his wife and we stayed that way. Now just last week, my husband told me he wants to do a DNA test on all of our children. I asked him if he doesn’t trust me and he said I shouldn’t be worried if I have been faithful to him. I am so depressed and I don’t know what to do. He hasn’t told me when he will be doing the test. Should I confess before he does the test? As a Muslim woman, this is very disgraceful and I don’t know what to do.