I am a Female(30 years), a Christian and I take my spirituality very seriously. This is a story of how one witch is destroying the plan God has for me. I am a virgin, I don’t date and I don’t play with men. I have received a lot of prophecies that I would marry a powerful pastor and be famous. The word isn’t fulfilled but I act it by living as a true pastor’s wife. I won’t even befriend you if you are not spiritual. Five years ago a friend invited me to a church program, there I met this young youth pastor called Felix. Immediately the Holy Spirit told me that he will be my husband. I started attending my friend’s church and got closer to this pastor. Honestly he is the real deal. He took me as a spiritual daughter. You never see him without me. People stared to gossip but I didn’t care.


I made sure all the ladies know that he is mine. I protected him. After a while I was expecting him to propose but he didn’t. One day I took courage and proposed but he told me he isn’t ready for a relationship now. In the course of 3 years I proposed 3 times but he still said he isn’t interested in relationships now and I shouldn’t consider waiting for him. He was still very good to me and I believed God will make a way, perhaps he was still single. I visited his house often and gave his family gifts. Everyone thought we were dating but no one could ask him because he is the quiet type, calm and respected by all. One day this young lady visited the church, I am not an usher but I like to welcome all new ones as a good pastor’s wife in training. She was nice. After church, I was waiting to see Felix off so I can go home too but he told me to go first. I then saw him going home with the young lady.


The lady started visiting the church often and Felix started spending more time with her. I deliberately became her friend, I told her about my relationship with Felix so she knows her place. I made it clear we were very close. She just smiled, told me that she knew I was his daughter and it’s nice to formally meet me. She asked me if I liked the book Felix gave me for my birthday because she told him I would like it. I didn’t know what to say. I told her to call him Pastor Felix instead of Felix but she also just smiled. Things got so bad when I saw her take Felix’s phone after church, she unlocked it and started playing games. Felix doesn’t even allow me hold his phone. I don’t even know the password. I tried to scold her that we don’t play with a pastor’s phone but again she just smiled and told me my daddy doesn’t mind.

One Sunday, three months after the lady started coming to church, it was announced in church that there is a special announcement. The head pastor announced that Pastor Felix was getting married to this new lady. The church was silent then everybody started to clap. Everyone was shocked. They came forward and we were asked to pray for them. I could not hold back tears. I fell down. People thought it’s Holy Ghost but I was in pain. I wasn’t going down that easily. I told a friend how Pastor Felix broke my heart. She accompanied me to see the pastor of my former church. He then called the head pastor of my current church to ask questions. Things got messy. A meeting was called. Pastor Felix was asked why he broke my heart but he said he didn’t because we never dated.


I told everyone that I joined the church for his, became his daughter, served him, served and gave his family gifts and acted like a wife should all for him. I told them about the prophecy. Everything I did was for him. Pastor Felix just claimed he only saw me as a daughter, treated me as such and even gave me money and he has been going out with his fiancee for 7 years, she was not in the country often but he knew from day one that she was the one. I told him that he lied to me. He said he likes to keep his personal life private but the head pastor, his family and very close friends knew he has a serious girlfriend, but he kept telling me he isn’t ready so I should move on because he wanted to let me off easily without hurting me. His fiancee said she knew me long ago and stated instances when I called when she was around or things that Felix did for me that was her idea because she saw me as her daughter too.

She said she would back out but has only one question for me, has Felix ever been inappropriate with me? I told her no. He has never even held my hands before. He is never alone with me and never allowed me cook or clean for him. But that’s the confirmation from God that he is perfect for me. She said I was in a one sided relationship with someone who genuinely cared for me as a daughter. She said Felix treated me the same way he treated all his children, male and female. He loved them and cared for them. I got so upset. She knew too much.  The head pastor said they can’t do anything about it. Three weeks later they got married.

A month later, the lady moved back to America, Felix followed two months later. 7 months later, which was two weeks ago, we were in church when it was announced that Pastor Felix and his wife have delivered a baby boy and girl three days prior. This was my blessing the witch stole from me. I still trust in God. I know Pastor Felix is mine and I am praying that God would let him see reason and he will return to me. The  trap of the devil won’t hold him forever. I am fasting and praying. God will make a way. Please advise me on what more to do to get my man back.